Ironbark Road Survey

Following the community engagement approach that has been shown to be so successful across NSW we have begun the process of surveying residents across our district to gauge everyone’s view on CSG. This will be a process that will ultimately require door-knocking around 1200 properties, but will allow everyone’s voice to heard!

Volunteers mobilised on Saturday the 5th of April to door knock all properties along Ironbark Road, surveying residents as to whether they wished the Mountain to remain a Gas Field Free Community. The overwhelming response of those surveyed was to keep us Gas Field Free. Many residents voiced strong concern over water supplies, rising salinity levels, reduced property values and the impact of gas mine heads and the associated infrastructure to their properties, lives, and the community as a whole.

Photo of Ironbark Road Survey team

Mountain Districts Association and other community volunteers are planning to extend the survey to all affected landholders and residents over the coming months to allow everyone’s voice to be heard. If, as expected based upon the results from the Ironbark Road survey, the community calls for a Gas Field Free Community we will collectively Lock Our Gates against AGL and other gas companies.

Simon Perry, on behalf of the Mountain Districts Association.



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