Coal Seam Gas will destroy the fabric of this community forever

My wife Marilyn Steiner and I moved onto 20 acres at Mangrove Mountain in 1999. We were attracted to this area by the rural lifestyle on a block with a stream running through it and lovely aspect. Over the past 15 years we have indulged our passion for gardening and have created a relaxing environment planting hundreds of trees, and in the process, creating a refuge for wildlife and over 80 species of birds.

We were very disturbed to hear that coal seam gas mining could come to the Mountain. If it does, it will without a shadow of a doubt, destroy the fabric of this community forever. Pictures of sprawling mines, retention ponds and all the other infrastructure associated with this activity from other areas look like a giant spider’s web defacing the landscape. Our aquifers would be contaminated making the fresh water relied on by many for domestic and other uses unusable.

And in case anyone thinks this is simply a problem for us to tackle, it will also impact on the catchment for the Gosford Town Water supply.

From a personal point of view we have seen evidence of a woman in an affected area being notified that her home insurance would be cancelled if mining happened on her property.

We are outraged that governments of all stripes are indulging destructive industries on several fronts at the expense of the communities they are elected and paid to serve, and will strongly oppose coal seam gas coming to this area and to other communities.


Stephen Goodwin and Marilyn Steiner
Mangrove Mountain