The community gathers to say “We want a gasfield free community”

Its been a very busy forty eight hours.

All day on the 19th of June volunteers helped set up the Kulnura Community Hall ready to host a community meeting for all residents of the Mountain Districts, for them to hear about the threat of Coal Seam gas extraction to the region, the invaluable aquifer which we rely upon, and how we can move together as a community to protect ourselves.

The cricket pitch next to the hall was staked out to organise parking; neat rows of star posts taped between with striped red and white control tape.

Lights strung in trees to give guidance and visibility for pedestrians.

Posts and tape strung to erect the saplings recently planted in the Hall gardens.

140 chairs laid out in neat rows. Tables for raffle tickets, information, signature gathering and greetings.

District signs hung around the walls to help organise volunteers who will take part in our subsequent door knocking surveys to ask our 1300+ residents “Do you wish to remain a gas field free community?”

Tea, coffee and cups.

Sound, video, lighting set up and tested.

A film crew arrives.

Four o’clock…..the fear strikes…..What if we have an empty hall?

Our community

Our community

At 6:55 we announce the impending announcement of or community meeting.

Seats fill.

More than 300 residents fill the hall.

Farmers. Shopkeepers. Professionals. Parents. Grandparents. Children. Priests. Business owners. Residents all.

Some spill outside unable to fit in.

We have a long way to go to survey the community’s wishes, and a long way to go to declare our community “Gasfield free”.

The community however has already begun to speak and gather and we have much to be proud of.


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  1. What a great night with a flawless professional presentation and a great turn out.
    Our Community will be heard.
    A huge “Thank you” to the organizing team!

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