Mangrove Mountain June Country Market

At the markets

A blustery morning did not deter visitors to our local market on Sunday 29th June. Under sunny skies Anti-CSG Committee members Poppe, Sue and Lorraine greeted the community at the Mountain Districts Association’s Gasfield Free stall in shifts throughout the day.

We signed up more helpers to assist us with our surveys of the local district and were also happy to receive some donations from generous locals and visitors alike (thank you!). We had numerous requests from people wanting to “sign petitions.” However, we told them that our strategy of surveying landholders and residents was much more effective in achieving our goal of a Gasfield Free community.

Our BIG sign attracted plenty of response

Importantly, there was no one expressing any view that Coal Seam Gas something we should have or needed. Our custom made “big sign” attracted a lot of attention, and there was much support from visitors who wished us every success and would be willing to help if there was ever a need to blockade or physically protest. We emphasized that we are going to stop Coal Seam Gas before it came to that!

Having a stall at our local market was another effective method of us achieving our goal and creating positive community connections. Thank you to everyone for your interest.

– Lorraine Hawdon