No laughing matter: NSW Farmers Association take a stronger stance on CSG


Farmers Association meets at Sydney's Luna Park

Farmers Association meets at Sydney’s Luna Park

As reported in The Land the NSW Farmers Association has taken on a stronger stance on mining and gas, adopting a new resources policy to ban extractive industries in areas covered by Water Sharing Plans until nil negative impact can be demonstrated.

The new policy, voted in at the Association’s annual conference at Luna Park in Sydney will cover NSW’s mining heartland in the Hunter Valley. Gas and coal fuelled a debate which dominated the best part of the conference’s first afternoon. Currently, NSW Farmers is “not opposed to mining or coal seam gas” but advocates that “these resources must be developed strategically and not at the expense of our agricultural land and water”.

While we welcome the newly strengthened resolve of the NSW Farmers Association we also recognise the many real-world examples of farming and coal seam gas mining being incompatible sharers and neighbours of land and it would be great to see the Association recognise the reality many farmers are facing and call for a complete stop to coal seam gas mining in agricultural areas,