Save the water trigger for CSG mining

It seems there is a high likelihood that the Senate will next week vote down the water trigger on large scale coal and gas projects, which was only just introduced last year.  Below is a sign on statement that we are urgently seeking people and groups to add their names to, if they want to save the water trigger. 

Please copy and paste the text between “-start-” and “-end-“, specify the appropriate information if you are a farmer or represent a community group, customise your name at the bottom, and send the following information by email to if you want to make a difference and try to ensure that impacts to the water table are considered when CSG mining approvals are being considered. To be clear, the couple of places where you need to customise your repose are highlighted in BOLD RED. Carmel Flint is  Campaign Co-ordinator, Lock the Gate Alliance.

Farmers – Name, property name, locality, state
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To all members of the Australian Senate,

Water is integral to farming, food security, Indigenous life and culture, our communities and Australia’s economy. It is too important to leave to state and territory governments and their vested interests, which have been especially highlighted through the recent NSW ICAC investigations into political corruption.

All political parties voted for the water trigger to be added to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act so the Federal Government could assess impacts of mining developments on our precious groundwater, yet the Abbott Government now proposes to hand these powers to the states and territories.

Decisions over groundwater are too important to hand to individual states, and water knows no boundaries. A decision on groundwater in one state will affect neighbouring states. The Great Artesian Basin alone covers three states, NSW, Queensland and South Australia, as well as the Northern Territory. Gas companies want to puncture this essential water resource for inland Australia with hundreds of wells.

We implore all senators to vote against the Abbott Government’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Bilateral Agreement Implementation) Bill 2014, which will hand groundwater assessment powers to states and territories.

The National Party will be voting against the farmers’ interests if they vote for the bill. The Palmer United Party and Senator Ricky Muir have shown they will stand up for the community and now they have the opportunity to show they support farmers and indigenous communities across Australia and vote down the bill”.

Yours Sincerely: ADD-YOUR-NAME-HERE

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