Coal Seam Gas is “a significant environmental issue”

Not us saying that, but rather NSW Environment Protection Agency CEO Barry Buffier.

In statements made to a NSW Parliamentary inquiry into the performance of the EPA Mr Buffier was challenged as to whether the the agency was spending too much time investigation the CSG industry when (according to Upper House Liberal MP Mr. Scot MacDonald) “the impact on the environment (of the CSG industry) by all accounts is very, very, very small”.

Mr Buffier stated that “my assessment is that yes (coal seam gas is a significant environmental issue). The evidence would indicate that it’s what happens with the produced water and the impact on the aquifers, which is likely to be an area where environmentally things could go wrong”

Read the report in the SMH here:

..or see page 5 if you’re reading the paper today the good old tactile way.

God is on our side…

…or at least Father Rod Bower of the Anglican Church, Gosford is.

The Anglican Church in Mann Street Gosford is famous worldwide for the socially concious and sometimes provocative messages posted on the billboard outside the church. From supporting Gay Marriage to calling for humane treatment of asylum seekers to simply calling out Tony Abbott for being…well….Tony Abbott the church’s prominent billboard says it like it is.

Which is why we’re very pleased that today it says this:

Billboard SqIt is of course a nice play on words in a number of ways, but “Mary” in this case refers to Mary O’Kane (NSW Chief Scientist” who in her recently published Coal Seam Gas review stated that “Coal Seam Gas mining (can have) unintended consequences“.

We met with Fr. Rod Bower a couple of weeks ago to explain what was happening with the Gasfree Mountain Districts campaign and explain our concerns regarding CSG mining and the aquifer we all rely upon and share, as well as share with the coastal communities of the Central Coast. Fr. Rod agrees with us that the risks to the aquifer are too great and that we cannot afford for the destruction of the ground water to be an “unintended consequence” of CSG mining. He offered to help spread the word via his billboard.

The message above is the first of what should be a series of such messages from now through to March 2015 (the NSW State Election), part of our partnership with the Our Central Coast / Our Land, Our Water, Our Future campaign that we mentioned in our email news update last week. If you didn’t receive that email – make sure you subscribe for the next one using the link on the top right hand side of this website.