Gasfield Free Mountain Districts submission to the Your Future Central Coast 2031 Discussion Paper

The Gasfield Free Mountain Districts Committee recently provided a submission to the NSW Planning department’s discussion paper Your Future Central Coast 2031. Our submission focused on the question of the suitability of the CSG industry to the local area, and called upon the Department’s strategy for the District to include the declaration of the water catchments and aquifers as “no-go zones” for CSG.

Our declaration in full can be found here: CSG Submission for YFCC 2031

The next stage in the Department’s planning process is to develop a draft Regional Growth and Infrastructure Plan (RGIP), based upon both the contents of the initial Discussion Paper as well as the contents of all the various community submissions submitted in this round of consultation.

We expect from our submission to be provided the opportunity to further communicate the community’s views regarding CSG to the Department’s staff when the draft RGIP document is formulated and published.

The draft RGIP is due in about six months time.