Letter to MP for Gosford, Mr. Chris Holstein

Today we wrote to the MP for Gosford Mr. Chris Holstein on behalf of the 98.2% of the residents of the Mountain Districts who have indicated that they wish the area to remain Gasfield Free, outlining our collective concerns regarding CSG mining. We have called upon Mr. Holstein to:

1. Heed the stated desire of the community regarding CSG mining and declare the area’s water catchments and aquifers no-go zones for CSG exploration and mining. We request that both Mr. Holstein as local member and also the NSW Liberal Party at large support the local community in this regard.

2. Meet with members of the Mountain Districts Association to discuss in detail the community’s concerns regarding CSG.

As the letter has been submitted on behalf of the community we feel it is important that a copy of the submission is openly published for your review.

For a copy (PDF) of the letter click Here.