4 weeks to go to our Community Declaration!

If you love our district landscape of forests, farms and spring fed streams please stand up and be counted.

If Coal Seam Gas miners take up their licence to mine here they will, potentially, devastate the landscape and farms and pollute the underground water. There is plenty of evidence, in other places in Australia, that this will be our fate.

Legally we have very few ways to protect the district, but an extremely potent way we can resist the miners coming is by community action to Declare the whole district “Gasfield Free”.

We are organising a district wide Declaration and Celebration, on the afternoon of Saturday February 28th, to tell the many invited politicians, media and local VIP’s that the community has Declared the Mountain Districts Gasfield Free. This will make it very clear to them that we want the Petroleum Exploration Licence that covers the district removed for ever.

Your presence at the Declaration is very important because a huge crowd of locals will be very convincing. It will also be fun. We will have live music, food stalls, entertainment for the kids and a Declaration ceremony involving some of our young and older community members.

We need volunteers for setting up, food stalls and for the Declaration. Please message us if you would like to volunteer.

Please stand up for the community and come to the Declaration.
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Gasfield Free Mountain District Declaration

Declaration Poster footerSave the date! The next step in our process to keep the coal seam gas miners off the Mountain will take place on Saturday the 28th of February, and WE NEED YOU to come along and have some fun (not too much to ask).

On the back of the road survey conducted last year we will be holding a Gasfield Free Mountain District Declaration to celebrate our community achievements so far, and also make clear our intentions to local political candidates (in the lead up to the NSW election, the media and so on). This is a really important event and it is also really important that we have a huge show of community support and involvement to demonstrate the united nature of the community’s opposition to coal seam gas.

Local politicians and candidates will be invited, so you can have a chance too to sound them out in person about their stance on CSG mining on the Mountain. But its not all work, we also have music, food and some fun for the kids of the Mountain District planned too – more details to come soon.

We’ve already been asked by some out-of-town supporters too about where to stay and we’ve arranged for a special discount at two hotel/motels in Gosford. For details on that offer please see here: Gas Field Free Offer Feb 2015