About CSG

Don’t take our word for it – educate yourself about Coal Seam Gas (CSG) exploration and extraction.

For an overview on CSG try this primer from the Lock The Gate Alliance or this NSW Government document. Its worth noting that the NSW Government document won’t tell you the potential negative consequences of CSG mining.

To understand the NSW Government’s position on the CSG industry in the Lower Hunter Valley, especially how real the threat is to the Mountain Districts read this March 2013 NSW Government Planning Department Discussion Paper, titled “The Lower Hunter over the next 20 years“. Especially read page 33.

We recommend this excellent ABC 4 Corners program concerning CSG impact on rural lands and water supplies in Queensland, Camden and Gloucester (approximately 45 minutes run time)

We also recommend this shorter video concerning the Australian CSG industry.

There are also a tonne of videos available from the Lock The Gate Alliance.

If you’re looking to understand which areas are covered by which Petroleum Exploration Licenses we recommend this NSW Government mapping service. On the top left of the page, select “Guest Entry”. Then select “I agree” (to the conditions of use) and select the “Petroleum View”. Zoom in to the area you wish to view. It is helpful to add various map layers (which can be selected on the left hand side of the screen), especially “Localities”, “Rivers” and “Roads”. Note that locality names etc won’t display until you’re zoomed in quite a lot. All of our Mountain Communities are affected by AGL’s PEL#2, with the very Northern end of Murrays Run being in PEL#267.

To understand why Coal Seam Gas extraction will help result in the driving UP of the price we pay in NSW for gas read this article.

This article by Richard Dennis (Adjunct Professor, Australian National University) explores whether several beneficial claims stated by the CSG industry have a factual basis.

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