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The Coal Seam Sub-Committee of the Mountain Districts Association is a not for profit group of volunteers who are focused on the issue of Coal Seam Gas mining throughout the Mountain Districts. We’re residents of the broader Mountain Districts – from Somersby, Kulnura, Peats Ridge, Bucketty and Mangrove itself. We’re all individuals, but we all care about our farms, water, land values, health and lifestyles. We chose to live here and we wish to help build a better community for all of us and for all of our neighbours.

We aim to help inform the residents of the Mountain Districts regarding Coal Seam Gas mining and what it would mean to the existing landscape, economic activities (principally farming and related businesses), ground water supplies and property values. We do this through media communications, meetings and social media (facebook and this website). We also help by inviting experts in fields relevant to Coal Seam Gas mining to advise the community through these same channels.

We do not claim to speak for all residents of our district, but rather we aim to enable everyone to make an informed choice about whether the Coal Seam Gas industry is welcome and then for everyone to have their voice heard. We want the right for our communities to have the final say in the decisions that determine the economic, social and environmental future of the Mountain Districts. We will meet these aims by conducting a comprehensive, door-to-door survey of all residents to ask each and everyone “Do you wish your community to remain Gas Field Free?”

We believe in a future where the beautiful, diverse natural environment of the Mountain Districts sustains a healthy, productive, enjoyable and vibrant community. Our goal is to contest plans for the industrialisation of our districts by extractive industries. AGL holds a Petroleum Exploration License covering the entire area of the Mountain Districts (with the exception of Somersby, Calga and Mt. White). The NSW State Government’s Planning Department has indicated that drilling may commence imminently (see page 33). These projects risk destroying the land and water our food producers rely on as well the area’s beautiful natural environment and the livelihood of locals employed in the agricultural and related industries.

When we became aware of the threat, looked to the experiences other communities like ours are dealing with as a result of the Coal Seam Gas mining industry’s practices, and we also took advice from the Lock The Gate Alliance we decided that there was no time to waste in allowing the community to have their say.

We continue to work to make sure the development decisions made by government and industry uphold the interests of our community members. We hold regular meetings, organise information sessions, film screenings and other public events to keep our community informed and inspired to participate in the sustainable future of our region.

The Co-Conveners of our group are John Edye and Simon Perry.

We welcome you contacting us via email whether you’re a resident of the district, a concerned citizen, a blogger or a journalist.


4 thoughts on “About Us

    • That’s a great suggestion Shayne, and thank you for making it. We’re working on that and expect to have a full report of the meeting (and more) posted tomorrow. It’s been a busy few days since the community meeting, with Friday spent cleaning up after ourselves, ensuring the signs we put up roadside were removed etc. and also organising the training evening for the 80 folk who volunteered to help with house surveys. So please come and have a look back Monday evening.

      All the best…Simon


      • 5/8/14. Rhonda and I visited some relatives at Bentley the other week. They are third generation dairy farmers who have become involved with the protest. They warned that it was not over in the Lismore area. This was confirmed last night in Australian story on the ABC. The spokesman for the CSG company said in spite of the set back they would still pursue the matter. This is an ominous warning for the mountain.Deep pockets with possibly your superannuation money in them will be used in a war of attrition. Theirs is a long term game. Regards to all the volunteers, Steve Harries email abodepool@bigpond.com

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